Deep fried Shrimps (Restaurant Style)

By Angelika Hanna This recipe started out as an experiment. I had never cooked anything ‘deep fried’ before. The more I was surprised and amazed of the outcome. These deep fried shrimps turned out literally ‘Restaurant Style.’ They were crispy and flakey and light. I had never thought that one can make deep fried shrimps… Continue reading Deep fried Shrimps (Restaurant Style)

Kale Chips

By Angelika Hanna Vegetarian/vegan, crispy, flavorful, and healthy. Ingredients: Fresh, raw kale Sesame oil* Coarse sea salt *The recipes I found for homemade kale chips used olive oil. I chose sesame oil; both types of oil pair very well with kale. You can also use vegetable oil, canola oil, or avocado oil. I seasoned my… Continue reading Kale Chips

Molly Yeh’s Homemade Hummus

By Angelika Hanna Another TV cook I discovered recently and like at the Food Network Channel is Molly Yeh. I like Molly’s contageous enthusiasm and refreshing energy with which she presents her recipes in her “Girl Meets Farm” show. The first recipe inspired by Molly Yeh I made is her ‘Creamy Homemade Hummus’ – a… Continue reading Molly Yeh’s Homemade Hummus