Spinach Meatballs over Rice

By Angelika Hanna I downloaded Ina Garten’s meatball recipe for inspiration but then decided to cook my own version. I had ground beef in my freezer, so I used only one type of ground meats: Beef. I like a zesty kick to my meatballs, so I added some Worcestershire sauce. To make my dish more… Continue reading Spinach Meatballs over Rice


Hackfleisch-Gemuesepfanne (German Style)

By Angelika Hanna This recipe is from my mother’s kitchen when I grew up in Germany. It is Keto-friendly (low in carbs) and has no artificial flavours added. No additional stock is required; all the juices come from the vegetables. Everything is cooked in one big frying pan – one ingredient after the next. Follow… Continue reading Hackfleisch-Gemuesepfanne (German Style)