Anna Olson’s Classic Pumpkin Muffins

By Angelika Hanna I took Anna Olson’s classic pumpkin muffin recipe for my fall muffins and all I can say is that it was the right decision. There are countless recipes out on the web and sometimes this can be overwhelming in deciding for which one to go. Recipe: Prep Time: 15 min Bake Time: 30… Continue reading Anna Olson’s Classic Pumpkin Muffins

Anna Olson’s Pumpkin Pie Filling

By Angelika Hanna Happy Thanksgiving! This year, I have used Anna Olson’s pumpkin pie filling recipe for my pumpkin pie. Also new this year, I bought a chocolate pie crust shell to fill. It turned out as a good choice; the pumpkin goes really well with the chocolate dough crust. Recipe Prep Time: 10 min… Continue reading Anna Olson’s Pumpkin Pie Filling