FYI: How to Store Fresh Herbs

By Angelika Hanna

Getting fresh herbs in the winter time is often a challenge. Either what you look for is not available at any time in the grocery stores or it is wilted or bad. Also, the price is higher when not in season. I used to suffice with dried herbs over the winter until I watched Ina Garten’s episode on the Food Network how to store fresh herbs. You can buy your herbs in the summer when they are fresh and in season; if stored properly, you will have fresh herbs all winter long. Followed is what I learned:

  • Get a bunch of fresh herbs that you often use in your meals.
  • Wash and dry with a kitchen towel or paper towel.
  • Chop up finely or roughly (however you prefer).
  • Get a ice cube container with lid.
  • Fill each compartment of the ice cube container with the chopped herb. Tip: Use for each type of herb a different container so that the flavors don’t mix up.
  • Pack the chopped herb in the ice cube compartment down using your fingers.
  • Close with the lid.
  • Put in your freezer.

Enjoy your fresh herbs all year around!


3 thoughts on “FYI: How to Store Fresh Herbs

  1. Agelika, Thanks for the post. I’ve been wondering about freezing herbs. Will it harm the herbs if your ice cube trays don’t have lids and you wrap them with a plastic wrap? I usually freeze sauces in trays without lids and then place them in labeled plastic bags, but I haven’t tried herbs yet.


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